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Interactive Events

Interactive Events

At Legacy United, we are proud to offer our full lineup of interactive events. Each event is self-contained and needs very little help on your end. Our staff is friendly and will arrive on time to set up quickly. Most of our interactive events will run for five hours.  Please feel free to e-mail or call with any questions at 888.243.3588.



Are you looking for a new, high-energy program to bring to your campus that is a mix between an organized sport and organized chaos? Legacy United is proud to introduce our new event Arrow Attack! This is your chance to play tag, but with bow and arrows! The students will get the chance to play 5-on-5, Robin Hood style! We’ll provide everything to make this a great event on your campus, including the inflatable barriers, bows, foam-tipped arrows (I know, I just removed the thrill of danger in this event) and safety googles. You just need to provide some eager students who are looking to burn off some energy and try something that they’ve never experienced before!


The A.R.T. Game Show is a great event anytime. This trivia-based game show can be themed for any event, including Black History Month, Women’s History Month, Drug & Alcohol Awareness and even about your school specifically! With our remote answering system, the students can play from anywhere in the room…but don’t worry they’ll get a chance to get on stage if they choose. We give away $200 in cash at each event (but there will be more then one winner every time)!



The casino night has always been a popular event…we’ve just built one that adds the atmosphere to the games. The students can play blackjack, poker, roulette or slot machines, but they’ll never forget the glow and the sound of the Black Light Casino Night!!



It’s a cross between paintball (without the paint) and dodge ball. Are you looking for a new program that’s high intensity and a mix between controlled chaos and an organized sport…Blitz Ball is your event! This can be an indoor or outdoor event, with all safety equipment provided. This is sure to get the students out for a fun-filled day. Twelve people can play at a time, so whether you want to use this as a team builder, organized competition, or just a fun-filled day of adrenaline…this is the event that you’re looking for!



Bongo Ball is played much like soccer but with a unique twist. The addition of the Bongo Ball provides players with some new challenges and much more excitement. Although you are still limited in the sense that you cannot touch the soccer ball with your hands, the bubble surrounding you is completely in play. Use that additional cushion to bump other players, bump the ball, or even help you bounce back up as you dive to make the play. Bongo Ball is an organized, safe, and exhilarating event that will bring excitement to all. Bongo Ball can be played almost anywhere on campus and our facilitators will also give instructions on the game and safety equipment provided. Multiple game play options are available to keep the game going on campus all day.



Do your students love Battle Royale games like Fortnite and PUBG? Of course they do! Introducing Legacy Battle Royale! Molded after the high intensity online game play, this immersive real life event is sure to please all the video game lovers on your campus. With a mix between our Blitz Ball and Arrow Attack, we have set up a play zone unlike anything we’ve done before. Complete with barriers, weapon drops, and shrinking play zones this is sure to be the most exciting thing your students will experience all semester! Whether you want to play in teams or as a free-for-all, anything goes in this Legacy Battle Royale! Be the last man/team standing to win the game and claim your right to DANCE!



Soccer Darts is an innovative hybrid game of soccer and darts. The students will be lining up to kick a velcro-wrapped soccer ball at our 16.5 foot inflatable dart board. Students can play any combination of dart games they would like: around the world, cricket, etc. We are extremely excited about this new event, and think your students will love every minute of it.



Ultimate Game Zone is exactly that…the ultimate video game experience. Don’t be fooled by our competition! We offer the largest screens, the most gaming consoles, the most games and the best sound systems. With two 144″ (12 FEET!!!) screens, two 100″ screens and over 150 watts of massive sound systems (with a volume knob for the more sensitive areas) the students will stay all day or night to play!!

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