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Legacy United is proud to offer our full line of novelty and souvenir events.  Each event is self contained and needs very little help on your end.  Our staff is friendly and will arrive on time to set up quickly.  Most of our novelty events will run for five hours.  Please feel free to e-mail or call with any questions at 888.243.3588.


This is one of the most popular programs in the market today. The students on campus will line up to build their own bear/animal (we offer over 38 options). Each order comes complete with animals, stuffing, certificates, bear angels and custom screen printed t-shirts. This event will be a huge success…the biggest question is how many will be enough!!!


Campus Activities Gear is a unique Make & Take event. We will come out and show the students how to make their own paracord bracelets, key chains or lanyards. We have lots of different colors to choose from, so no two have to be the same. The student will enjoy creating these themselves and you’ll see them wearing them around campus for the rest of the year! These can also be done in conjunction with a spirit week or homecoming and we’ll limit the color options to your school colors!


Legacy Dog Tags is a great “make and take” event. Students will love customizing their own dog tags. Many different color tag rings, chain sizes, even key rings makes this a fun keepsake for everyone! With five lines of 20 characters, they can truly make this their own!


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Wax Hands is just what it sounds like. The students will line up (and usually long lines) for the chance to create a mold of their own hand. Not only do they decide the pose of the hand, but they also get to decide on the color scheme, so each hand is sure to be unique! As long as they don’t leave it in the back window of their car, they’ll keep this souvenir for a long time!!!


Legacy Letter Art is an AWESOME “make and take” event. Students will love customizing their Letter Art signs. There are HUNDREDS of letter designs to choose from to make each Letter Art sign unique. Upwards of 200 signs can be done in a five hour event. If you are looking for an “automatic success” event that your students and staff will ask for again and again. this is it!

We’ve upgraded Letter Art and now you can too. While the black & white photos are classic and great looking, we now have the ability to offer you the same great program but with either Sepia or Full Color Photos! Ask you agent about this great upgrade! It can also be done on mugs, dry erase boards and tote bags!


This is a great photo souvenir event. Whether you’re looking to do green screen photos (with over 200 backgrounds that you can be superimposed into) or Big Red Chair photos, the students will line up to get their pictures taken. We’ll print out the photo for you on 5×7 photo-quality paper, though the picture only prints 4×6. That will give you space to add your school name, organization’s name or even the event name and date. The photos will then be put into a cardboard folder/frame. What the students will love is the fact that each photo will have instructions on how to retrieve their digital version to share via social media, however they like!

Are you looking for a one of a kind photo event? If so, you’ve just found it. Our newest version of this event allows the students to get their photo taken and the computer will turn it into a pencil sketch or comic book rendering version of their original photo. We call this Picture U-Next Generation! Ask your agent about this cool upgrade.


Do you know any college students that would turn down the opportunity for a free t-shirt? We don’t, so this event will bring out the crowd! Students will get to create their own unique shirts on-site. They choose from hundreds of phrases and designs and they decide where it will look the best on their shirt, so no two will be the same (unless they want them to be)! We can also do SPIRIT TOWELS!!!!!


Looking for a giveaway program that the students will line up for? Then it’s time to bring The Sign Shop to campus. Students will get to create their own custom sign on the spot. While at the creation station, they’ll get to decide what they want their sign to say, what color the sign will be, what font they would like to use and what color their letters will be! Students will love making their own signs and showing them off to all of their friends!

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